A Research Guide

How to do House Research in Racine

Join us in preserving Racine’s historic and architectural treasures by researching your own historic property. Board member Pippin Michelli has created a guide to get you started.

With the continuing development of online sources, Pippin has added an updated guide to the title search that may shortcut a lot of the work. Here it is:  Getting Property Info using County Assessor and Free vs Landshark. This will save you hours!

NEW! (April 2022) 01 – Get the Legal Address and Ward Number

NEW! (April 2022) 02 – Name that Stylee

NEW! (March 2022), links to online maps that mark the historic wards, needed for tax research.

Below is a process chart to alert you to the many possibilities. It is reproduced on the first page of the guide.