Front Porch Restoration

For Preservation Racine, it had been an aspiration for years to replicate the porch that once graced this house. With our membership’s approval, Architect Bob Hartman was asked to prepare drawings for the proposed porch. These were completed in December of 2014, and we show them below. At the February 2016 membership meeting, the Preservation Racine Board proposed to our membership that funds be allocated to complete this project. The motion was made and approved by our membership at that meeting. The porch is now in place and you may see it on the Blake House tab in the navigation bar, above.

The Blake House during the 19th century (Preservation Racine collection)
The Blake House in the 21st century, needing only its front porch to return to its former glory (photo courtesy of Bob Hartman)
Proposed restoration drawing by Bob Harman, 2014 (image courtesy of Bob Hartman)
Front porch restoration proposal, 2014, detail of porch (image courtesy of Bob Hartman)
Detail of proposed corbel and cornice moldings (image courtesy of Bob Hartman)