Join Us!

We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization. Do join us!

We need people who care about our environment enough to be seen and heard! We need people who will pass on tips about buildings coming under threat so that we can contact the owners and offer savvy and/or support. We need people who would like to tell the world about our beautiful residential areas, both upscale and downscale. Some of our little houses are gems!

We have great programs (first Monday every month except January and October). Many people join us for those alone – check out our Tours, Calendar, and Galleries pages to see what we do.

We have a really good Newsletter (quarterly, 12 pages, text and photos). We’ve been told it’s one of the best in the country – check out our Publications page for those.

We can pass on skills that may trigger whole new enthusiasms for you! For example:


  1. We can train you in research
  2. We can help you recognize building styles and their social meaning
  3. We can outline historic building techniques and their impact on building design
  4. We can show you how housing was modernized over the centuries, with new conveniences (like plumbing, electricity, laundry chutes, lawns and gardens, and by planning new divisions and subdivisions
  5. We can help you find out about local architects and their patrons

Or Civic

  1. We can help you navigate the local government systems
  2. And the county and state government systems
  3. We can help you discover relevant ordinances

Depending on people’s interests and willingness to volunteer, we can add to these at any time.

So, write to us today!

Or join us directly from this site!