Proposed Building at 1346 South Main Street

Developer’s Rendering Superimposed on Google Street Views
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  1. This building will be set in the heart of the Southside Historic District
  2. It will require to have its plot rezoned in order to accept an apartment building
  3. The zoning application will be heard at the Common Council Meeting, Tuesday June 7, deferred to June 29, 2022 (7:00 pm)
  4. The Common Council Meeting is an opportunity to make your voice heard
  5. If you would like to contact the Common Council, or the Mayor, or the City Administrator, or the Planning Heritage and Design Committee or the Community Development Authority, or the Zoning and Building Board of Appeals, their contact details are listed conveniently here
  6. Developer’s Proposal   and   annotated version for info
  7. Planning Heritage and Design committee’s meeting page
  8. Info Presentation, June 12, 2022