Preservation Racine Secrets Mug #1


Preservation Racine commemorates lost historic places in our “Secrets” mugs. When cold they are matt black. When filled with a hot drink, the lost historic place emerges like a ghost from the night.  This mug shows two historic postcards of Racine. We chose the clearest, brightest examples for this mug, and the images are clearer than our camera can show.

This very stable and comfortable mug holds 11 oz when filled to top of handle. It is a delight to drink from and we hope it will give you years of pleasure!


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Preservation Racine Secrets Mugs

This is the first of what we hope will be a collectible series

The front of the mug shows the first post office, which was completed in 1898. It is taken from a Bishop post card whose earliest mailing date found so far is 1914. The upper ring on the steeple is still preserved at Racine’s zoo. Behind it is the first Hotel Racine, 1895-1925, and a view of the east side of Monument Square.

On the back is a view of Monument Square itself, taken from the south looking towards the post office. In this view, the post office is almost invisible behind the Hotel Racine, but you can see its tower somewhat cruelly cropped to create a pretty sky. The steeple of St Luke’s can be seen to the left of the monument, and the second court house is at the center on the right. The plantings and water features were designed for the City between in 1909 by renowned landscape architect Jens Jensen (who also designed Racine’s parks). This is almost exactly Jensens’s design, although the City claimed it was never used.




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