Racine College, James DeKoven and Education on the Wisconsin Frontier

Date: November 6, 2023
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

Date: Monday, November 6, 7:00 PM

: John E. Magerus, Ph. D.

Topic: DeKoven Center Beginnings

Location: The Assembly Hall DeKoven Center, 600 Caron Butler Drive, Racine, Wisconsin

You may be from Racine and know a lot about the DeKoven Center.  But could you pass a written quiz about the early days of its history?  

Join Preservation Racine on Monday, November 6 to hear Archivist John E. Magerus, Ph. D.  present the Center’s roots from 1852 as an Episcopalian preparatory school when Racine was a fledgling harbor town on Lake Michigan.

John has spent years working with the archives of the institution and has written three publications documenting the settlers of the area and surprisingly the history of baseball in Racine.  We’re saving that one for another time. He served as Archivist for the Center from 2013 to 2022 organizing and cataloguing the documents that were stored in the hundred-plus-year-old buildings.

His pursuit of historical interests developed after he retired from teaching at the University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse where he has served as Dean of the college in his later years at the university.  

Coffee and cookies will be served prior to the meeting followed by John’s power point program.  The Assembly Hall is located near the northern end of the parking lot best accessed from the Wisconsin Avenue driveway.  

Linda Schubert

Program Chairperson